Installers of Wood Burners in Norfolk

Wood burning stoves are perfect for heating homes using renewable energy. Stove styles are available to suit a cosy country cottage fireplace or stand as a modern architectural centrepiece without needing a chimney-fireplace.

Great For Saving Money

Burning Non Fossil Fuels wood burning stoves are perfect for creating sustainable energy heating while converting scrap timber into heat at a fraction of the cost of other fuels

Energy Efficiency & They Look great

Modern, carbon-neutral wood-Burning stoves can manage around 80% efficiency compared to about 20% efficiency for an equivalent open fire.

Clean, Convenient & Cost Effective

Briquettes are an ideal source of heat for your home in winter and for outdoor use in summer.

Our heat logs are 100% natural, recycled softwood dust. They’re very easy to light and they give you very high heat very quickly with very low emissions and low ash residue.

As the cost of traditional fossil fuels go on spiralling upwards, Fuel Logs offer you a cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly alternative for your fire, available from retailers all over the United Kingdom.

Stoves available to view by appointment – we are out fitting during the day so please contact us to book an appointment.